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pronounced: /Zen Nego - ɪnˈdɑːbə/

More (Burkinabe) Zulu and/or in Xhosa (South African)


A noun - meaning:

A tribal conference held by Nguni leaders


a discussion or conference / "business" or "matter" / or consultation / or meeting to discuss a serious matter


one's own problem or concern.

"this country is our indaba and no one else's


The project combines Marthe's trans-oriental jazz rock with Pilani Bubu's traditional South African folklore, taking inspiration from the protests, prayers, and songs of the Zulu, and Xhosa people, featuring Wendlavim Zabsrone (Drummer & percussionist from Burkina Faso). Through "Zîn Nôogo - Indaba, the project aims to honour the intricate history of South Africa, with a focus on the perspectives of South African women.

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 The Folklore Festival is a celebration of African culture, customs and community and the creative force behind the project is none other than SAMA Award winning, indelible storyteller, Pilani Bubu. The festival is set to celebrate South African Heritage Month with a diverse Pan-African creative offering from North, South, East and West Africa. A perfect family day experience! 



The Festival is supported by the National Arts Councils and the SAMPRA Development Fund and is produced by Bupila Publishing.

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