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is coming out on all digital platforms on 31 March 2023.

Marthe x Pilani Bubu.png

Last month, we hosted the French Jazz Quartet: Marthe for the first leg of the collaborative residency with Pilani Bubu. The collaboration between Marthe x Pilani Bubu is titled: Zîn Nôogo - Indaba, means a meeting to discuss important issues in Nguni and in Burkinabe.

It is the meeting of two worlds: that of the trans-oriental jazz rock of the quartet Marthe and the traditional South African folklore of Pilani Bubu, drawing inspiration from these Nguni, Zulu & Xhosa protests, prayers and songs. Zîn Nôogo - Indaba pays homage to the complex history of the South African people through the lens of South African Women.


Pilani Bubu will be heading over to France for a Spring Tour with Marthe to perform and record the forthcoming project.

FolkFest - Banner.png

 The Folklore Festival is a celebration of African culture, customs and community and the creative force behind the project is none other than SAMA Award winning, indelible storyteller, Pilani Bubu. The festival is set to celebrate South African Heritage Month with a diverse Pan-African creative offering from North, South, East and West Africa. A perfect family day experience! 



The Festival is supported by the National Arts Councils and the SAMPRA Development Fund and is produced by Bupila Publishing.

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