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Hopes Springing HighPilani Bubu (lyrics Maya Angelou)
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This December we are using our AMPLIFIED VOICES to speak out against Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF).


Our launch event, titled Hopes Springing High is inspired by South African Singer-Songwriter & Creative Activist Pilani Bubu’s musical version of Maya Angelou’s song Still I Rise. This poem has become a symbol of hope in the midst of many black lives lost globally due to Covid 19, the global uprising supporting #BlackLivesMatter against police brutality on black bodies, and the scourge of GBVF which mainly affects black women globally. Pilani Bubu and Artivist/Curator Abena-Saah conceptualised the event to take place on International Human Rights Day and have a focus on Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF)  as a reminder that women’s rights are human rights.

The event is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation in partnership with the Centre of Memory who host an exhibition titled: ‘Negotiating Democracy’ as part of the contemplation of GBVF through art, music, and conversation.


For more information please contact: bookings@pilanibubu.com



is a collective expression by artists and activists who are ready to speak up for change on our beloved continent.


We are building a movement of young people who care about the future of Africa and are willing to act now to ensure a better future is possible for the next generation of Africans.


Our art and activism will be expressed through the creation of a platform for like-minded artists and activists to converse and build a new collective consciousness about the Africa we want. We are building and connecting a network of artists and activists across Africa to build a Pan-African vision for the continent that is all-embracing and all-inclusive. We have always known that, for Africa to thrive its young people need to stand up and use their agency to build the Africa we want. The Covid 19 pandemic was the wake-up call we needed to remind us that we have only one life and one continent and it is up to us, not the rest of the world to guarantee a future for coming generations.


On Tuesday the 4th of August, The South African Music Awards, announced the winners of the 26th edition the SAMA's, amongst the winners was the conscious story-teller and intentional singer-songwriter Pilani Bubu for 'Best African Adult Contemporary Album' for her latest offering Folklore: Chapter 1.


The contemporary folk-soul Singer Pilani Bubu released her third album ‘Folklore-Chapter 1’ in November 2019. The singer stated that this is a proof of concept for the work that needs to be done in celebrating and preserving our heritage through the technology of music.


“This award is an affirmation that this project series, is an important and sacred piece of work, and when done right could serve its intention for more. I am motivated to continue my work in creating more chapters, curating folkloric content, that future generations can cherish, learn and share.” - says Pilani Bubu


The album and its repertoire were birthed from the singers' international travels and shows. Digging deeper into her roots & origins, Pilani Bubu shares stories of South African people in the modern social context, start thought-provoking conversations about men, women, children in our culture, as well as restoring identity. The music is interweaved with poetry and spoken word, interpreting our folklore.


The project marks the beginning of a social platform: www.folklore.community to restore the culture of storytelling in African homes and communities to empower and enlighten future generations with positive constructs and knowledge of ourselves to bring a greater sense of self and confidence.


The album holds two radio singles: ‘Boom Che’ - celebrating the strength of women and ‘Baile’, as response and call to stop domestic violence and the abuse against women and children. Songs play-listed on 45 radio stations across the country.


Pilani Bubu is currently working on the documentary series to drive this agenda through her #folklorefireside events and literature and audio-visual content packaged for the cause #folklore #theartofstorytelling


Pilani Bubu (36) - South African Singer-Songwriter, TV Presenter & Creative Entrepreneur; is a self-funded, self-managed, self-published Independent Artist in the genre of contemporary folk music. With three music releases to her name: ’Journey of a Heart' (2012) - EP, ’Warrior of Light' (2016) - Album, and Folklore - Chapter 1 (2019) - Album. Her latest album Folklore-Chapter 1 won ‘Best African Adult Contemporary Album’ at the 26th Edition of The South Africa Music Awards, this August 2020.


Pilani Bubu is a unique voice with a cohesive global sound and style fused with soul, jazz, folk, and funk. Her voice is old souled yet her music is so catchy. She’s a storyteller at heart and fiery performer fuelled by great intent and purpose. Pilani shares her passion for music and travel, in her collaborations with local artists, and songwriting through the journey of her travels with music.

In the last 10 years as an emerging artist and performer, she has graced the stages of festivals and music venues across the world, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Kenya, United States, France, United Kingdom, Romania and her more recent highlights at the Live In Accra Jazz Festival (Ghana), Jazz on The Roof Top (Romania), and Ploiesti Jazz Festival (Romania).

In her debut years to date she has graced the stages of various festivals in SouthAfrica: the Drum Beat Festival, Grahamstown National Arts Festival, Fete De La Musique, Appetite Festival, and Stellenbosch Wine Festival. With a repertoire of music that tends to catch music compilers attention, her radio singles cross over stations both regional and national - 'Miss Understood’ playlist on 45 radio stations in South Africa in 2012, 'Sweet Love’ - 50 Radio Stations in 2017 and 'Boom Che on 46 Radio stations in 2018.

Pilani has also showcased her work on various Radio and TV Shows like Expresso (SABC 3), Thursday Nite Live with Robert Marawa (SuperSport), Shift TV (SABC 2), Sisterhood (ETV), Yo-TV, Show Me Love on Moja Love TV, Afro Cafe (SABC 2), Out And About (1 Gospel), Bellas (Mozambique), Newsic Room (A24 Media Kenya), The Newsroom Africa, The Morning Show on ETV to name a few.

As a TV presenter, TV shows include: 'Out And About' on One Gospel channel on DStv channel 331 and currently: 'Design For You' on The Home Channel, DStv channel 176; now in Season 8, aired on TV and VOD in 10 African Countries, Africa TV Channel, in East and Western Europe - Slovenia TV, the Nations Carrier South African Airways as well as Amazon Prime globally.

Pilani Bubu quit her corporate job 10 years prior to pursue her music and design career and has continued to do credible creative work in the South African Marketing & Creative Industries. She holds a degree in BComm: Law, Marketing & Business Management from the University Of Pretoria (SA), A certificate in Interior Decorating (Inscape Design College), A certificate in Musical Theatre ( New York Film Academy) and a certificate in Marketing Research Principles from Georgia University (US).





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