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Indelible Storyteller

Multifarious artist, multi-award-winning storyteller, singer-songwriter, television host, interior design expert, creative entrepreneur, founder and curator of the Folklore Festival.ZA.



Album Narratives & Press Releases

Immerse yourself into the intriguing world of ‘Indelible Storyteller’ - Pilani Bubu, with a musicality & craftmanship that knows no bounds as she effortlessly weaves together jazz, folk, soul, RnB & electronic sounds often interweaved with poetry, spoken word and sometimes rap, showcasing her versatile artistry. Each album takes listeners on a unique & original journey through her own lived experience.


 It is encouraged that you navigate bookings and performances with the album by album story, style & sonic landscapes in mind.

Each project appeals to a certain mood and genre & talks to various themes. Here is the repertoire.


Pilani Bubu, a singer-songwriter, TV presenter, and creative entrepreneur extraordinaire. For the past decade, Pilani has graced the global stage, captivating audiences with her enchanting melodies, astonishing vibrato and meaningful lyrics.  With a pure & unique voice, a great sense of clarity that heals & resonates with deep intentionality, Pilani has independently produced and released five albums, whose storytelling narratives are in a league of their own. From the heartfelt melodies of ‘Journey of a Heart (2012)’ to the empowering funky rhythms of ‘Warrior of Light (2016)’, and the nostalgic African folk tales of ‘Folklore Chapter 1(2019)’. Her music transcends mere entertainment—it is an expedition through the very essence of existence.


Even with the chaos of a global pandemic, Pilani's unyielding creative spirit, she released ‘Lockdown Lovestory (2022)’ a remarkable & cathartic album that captured the essence of love amidst uncertain times, providing a space for reflection and reconciliation for her fans. Followed by her collaborative album ‘Konke (2023)’ , exploring her own artist journey and creative pursuits and how these affect her ‘inner world’. The album in collaboration with Kenyan producer AfroNautiq features producers who contributed to painting both the dark and light moments of the self-enquiring & self-motivating intimacy of the album. And now, with her latest offering, "Folklore Chapter 2," she delves even deeper into ancient wisdom, sharing a personal story of her ancestors, their rituals, her rites, their gifts, her inheritances, and the relationship there between. Conjuring melodies that transport listeners to the ethereal realms of African spirituality.


Pilani's commendable musicality has garnered her recognition, including the prestigious accolade of Best African Adult Contemporary Album at the South African Music Awards in 2020 for "Folklore Chapter 1." She continues to push boundaries and expand her artistic endeavours, recently launching the Folklore Festival—a magnificent celebration of heritage, culture and creativity held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2022.


A true collaborator driven by passion and purpose into all that she does, Pilani has collaborated with the esteemed Caged Bird Legacy LLC, entrusted with the lyrical interpretation of Maya Angelou's profound poetry in her transcendent song, "Hopes Springing High, Still I Rise." This remarkable project, supported and funded by the SAMRO Foundation, SAMPRA, Sheer Publishing, and Downtown Publishers.


Not stopping there, Pilani's music has resonated globally, securing synchronization rights for her songs Abantwana (produced with Blick Bassy & Romain Jovion)  and ‘Ufuna Bani’ (produced by Afronautiq) in the South African Netflix Series, "The Brave Ones. Where enchanting melodies intertwined seamlessly with the visual narrative. She also embarked on a mesmerizing collaboration with the talented Blick Bassy, lending her captivating vocals to his sensational spectacle, "Bikutsi 3000." Furthermore.


Her artistry extends beyond the realm of music, beyond her musical exploits, Pilani has cemented her status as a creative entrepreneur. Her creative consulting compay Bupila* is becoming a beacon of success, not only as the producer of the Folklore Festival but  earning two prestigious Loeries awards with client campaigns led by Pilani — at the biggest advertising awards in Africa and the Middle East. Her strategic and creative strength shone through in her work on a Human Rights Campaign for the Nelson Mandela Foundation, for which she was honored with a Loeries Bronze trophy in 2021. Additionally, her campaign approach in the Nedbank Beke Le Beke campaign garnered a bronze Loeries award in 2022, further solidifying her trajectory as an innovative force to be reckoned with.


Pilani Bubu's number one desire is to leave an indelible mark on everything she does, and everywhere she goes.


"The singer publishes the album Folklore: Chapter 1, a poetic and militant chronicle of South African society served by timeless folk music"

- FIP (FR)


"In this first album, the South African singer recounts her cultures and her roots within a folk music inhabited by poetry and spoken-word"

- NOVA  (FR)


“Pilani Bubu stands out as a complete artist”



"Folklore Chapter 1: the first part of a fusion as stripped down as it is promising"



“She sings with a clear voice – and sometimes slams – her own texts in Xhosa, Mpondo, Zulu and English”



"His introductory disc insists on the strength of traditions and the place of women in his native country"

- RFI (FR)


“Pilani Bubu's song is auroral. It evokes the purity of the first morning of the world »



"A magnificent discovery, truly original, with a remarkable touch to combine with its folk and its astonishing vibrato with atmospheres alternately jazz-world, trad', soul-pop and afro, where very urban with these numerous and percussive spoken words which borrow from hip hop and rap.”



“In her latest offering, Lockdown Lovestory, Pilani Bubu unpacks the overwhelming tricks the lustful mind can play when heated and blinded by fantasy and sensual craving… The ambience of déjà vu – rich in onomatopoeia, poetic nuance, sass, and sultry harmonic major scale prowess. The 90s-induced Nu RnB deepened my appreciation for the organic touch delivered through the use of vintage mics, FX instruments, synths, and Rhodes in electronic production.”



“Pilani Bubu is a multi-faceted artist who has established herself as a creative force in South Africa’s music and entertainment industry. She has travelled the world performing and spreading the sounds of jazzy folk that illustrate her pride in her heritage”



“Multifaceted artist Pilani Bubu is …successful and purely authentic… She has mastered the art of jugging time and finances.”



“An act that enthralled audiences with her soothing melodies, exceptional vocals and message-laden repertoire is singer-songwriter from South Africa…she shines through with a poignant set of songs with pure grit and talent which inspired head popping and feet tapping from the receptive audience...a feel-good singer with conscious and meaningful lyrics”



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